Meet an employee

As an Office Assistant, my 36 years at Daka Denmark A/S have included many telephone conversations with customers and colleagues. My job, and especially my boss, gives me the opportunity to decide my own daily routine, which means that there is room for socializing with my colleagues. This helps to make Daka a good place to work. Daka is a very ‘inclusive’ and ‘social’ workplace, where there is always a good atmosphere among colleagues and therefore it always gives a good feeling to come to work. As we work under conditions such as ‘freedom under own responsibility’, there is ample opportunity at Daka to have both a good working environment and a good social environment, where there is always room to have fun with colleagues. This helps to create a good sense of well-being in everyday life. We are very social outside working hours in the form of activities such as badminton, golf, Daka Stafet, bike rides and we also participate in DHL in Aarhus. When a new colleague is hired at Daka, we all make sure to be very welcoming so that the new person feels welcome, and at the same time we try to include the new colleague in our social events, as we believe that this helps to create an even better bond across the departments.

As a raw material unloader at Daka Denmark A/S, I have a unique job that only three in all of Denmark can do. My daily work consists of receiving Daka’s raw material, which consists of dead animals, and categorising and classifying it before I send it on to the butchers. My work is very independent because my manager does not check on me all the time, which gives me a lot of responsibility in my daily tasks. That’s why I really like my job. Daka is a workplace where development is the focus, which in my eyes makes Daka an ‘innovative’ company. During working hours, we focus on areas such as safety, trust and bullying, which has resulted in, among other things, few accidents at work and a good atmosphere among colleagues. In addition, Daka offers further development for all employees. This further development has helped to improve my personality and my work. In my eyes, it makes me feel like ‘the apple of my eye’ every day I go to work. At Daka, every employee is taken care of. It’s something we all contribute to. Our managers ensure that all employees are well, both physically and mentally and this helps to create a good working relationship between all colleagues. Our cooperation is further enhanced by the joint activities we have after work and this means that I always get a good work handover from my colleagues when I arrive at work.

At Daka, you join an organisation with great opportunities to make your personal mark. For me, working at Daka means a daily routine with flexibility and plenty of freedom to explore and solve the professional challenges that my job gives me. The culture is open and welcoming, so it’s easy to seek input for your work from all parts of the company