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About Daka Denmark

Daka Denmark is the nordic part of the SARIA Group, and manufactures quality products for animal nutrition, agriculture, aquaculture and industrial applications. Daka Denmark also produces renewable energy and provides services in the agricultural and catering sectors.

Who are we

Daka Denmark consists of five business areas:

Daka SecAnim 
Daka ReFood 
Daka ecoMotion

Executive Management / SARIA
Lars Krause-Kjær - CEO / EVP SARIA
Robbert Figgener - Director ecoMotion SARIA

Extended Management Team / Regional Managers
Anders Jeppesen Jensen - COO / General Manager 
Jesper Verner Pedersen - Business Unit Director - Daka ReFood
Jesper Verner Pedersen - Commercial Director
Kasper Holm - CFO
Linda Lundberg - Konvex AB - Managing Director
Poul Brage Michelsen - Supply Chain Director
Rikke Klitgaard Friis - Director, Business Development and Sustainability
Sanne Weidner - Director, HR, Legal & Compliance

The Board 
Tim Schwencke - Chairman - SARIA A/S Gmbh & Co. KG
Søren F. Eriksen - Deputy Chairman - Danish Crown A/S
Harald Van Boxtel - Board member - SARIA A/S Gmbh & Co. KG
Franz-Bernhard Thier - Board member - SARIA A/S Gmbh & Co. KG
Kasper Bremer Orloff - Board member - DAT-Schaub
Sebastian Laursen - Board member - Tican Fresh Meat A/S
Lars Jørgen Nielsen - Board member (staff-elected) - Daka Denmark A/S
Jacob Martin Andersen - Board member (staff-elected) - Daka Denmark A/S