Certified collection – reliable collection for slaughterhouses

Slaughterhouses depend on reliable partners for the collection of animal by-products from the slaughterhouse on a daily basis. As a specialist in the recycling of slaughter and butcher by-products, Daka SARVAL is able to offer optimized and individual solutions for our customers.

What we offer

Daka SARVAL is a service provider for companies of all sizes: Our servicestructure cover every corner of Denmark, which means that we can also provide our individual service to major customers with a large number of distinct branches. We offer a full range of services for slaughterhouses and cutting plants, corresponding sectors of the food industry and food trade, meat product factories and butchers throughout Denmark. Daka SARVAL always provides you with the appropriate containers for your individual wishes and needs.

Additional information by-products Cat. I and II:

Not all animal by-products are suitable for recycling. Rather, the law clearly specifies source materials, which are classified as possible risk material and must therefore be collected and disposed of safely and as quickly as possible. Daka SecAnim is the expert in this area. Daka SecAnim arrives at the agreed location in a special vehicle and transports the animal by-products or risk material ready for collection. This is followed by professional and safe disposal in strict compliance with Danish and EU guidelines.

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