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There is hardly any other area in which precise and legally compliant work is as important as in the collection and sustainable processing of animal by-products. Uncompromising compliance with the strictest hygiene standards is essential when handling animal by-products. This is because not all animal by-products are suitable for recycling. In fact, the law clearly specifies source materials which are classified as possible risk material and must therefore be collected and disposed of safely and as quickly as possible.

What we offer

Daka SecAnim has approximatly 80 of its own custom made hygienic and safe collection vehicles in use throughout Denmark, which enable reliable removal when materials are ready for collection from farmers. Daka SecAnim comes with a the vehicle to the agreed place and transports the animal by-products or risk material. This is independent of your focus: farms of any size, private animal husbandry, paddocks, riding stables or veterinary clinics – we support you in disposal.

Your partners

Daka SecAnim has set itself the goal of making this collection as easy as possible for you: The PIGUP&KO app enables you to request a collection wherever you are. In an associated digital customer portal you will find all necessary documents, statistics and invoices. The animal carcasses are brought to the responsible Daka SecAnim facility, where a professional and safe disposal is carried out in strict compliance with Danish and EU guidelines. For maximum security it is carried out in precisely defined steps: Sampling, crushing, sterilization, drying and degreasing. In addition, the vehicle is cleaned and disinfected inside and out after each day’s tour. More

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