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We give back nature's resources

All of Daka Denmark's business areas specialize in the collection, safe handling and recycling of by-products from agriculture and the food industry for the production of sustainable quality products within feed ingredients, fertilizers and renewable energy products such as biofuels and biodiesel. In short, we work to give back nature's resources.

Daka Denmark is an integrated part of the veterinary emergency management and plays a significant role every single day in minimizing the risk of spreading livestock diseases. At the same time, the focus is always on recycling by-products from agriculture and the food industry in the most sustainable and value-creating way.

Daka Denmark is part of the SARIA-group - Europe's leading company within handling of animal by-products and organic residues. 

Not all animal by-products are suitable for recycling. In fact, the law clearly specifies source materials which are classified as possible risk material and must therefore be rendered harmless. This is where SecAnim comes into play in the German SARIA Group. The company, whose name stands for „Security in Animal Processing“, collects and processes these materials in accordance with legal requirements and under the highest standards of hygiene. The resulting flours and fats are used as alternative fuels for power plants or the cement industry and are also used to generate energy within the company‘s own production facilities.

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Daka SecAnim plays an essential role in recycling of animal by-products. The business area collects and recycle the animal by-products from the Danish agriculture for raw materials in biodiesel and the production of meat-and-bone meal. SecAnim is a sustainable company with a strond focus on safety and on the environment. We work work every day to add new value to by-products through processing in an environmentally friendsly way. That is why we certainly are the safe choice.

Lebensmittelentsorgung ReFood

Whether food production, gastronomy, and the hotel industry or retail trade: In many industries, food and food waste accumulates that must be disposed of safely and hygienically. ReFood collects these organic substances on site and processes them to such an extent that they can be recycled. Year after year the company recycles kitchen and food waste, used cooking oils and frying fats as well as overdue food for useful application. This way, in addition to high-quality fertilizers, environmentally friendly energy, for example electricity and heat from combined heat and power plants or high-quality biodiesel, are also generated in various carefully coordinated processing steps.

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Whether it is food production, the restaurant and hotel industry, or the retail trade: In many industries, food waste must be disposed in a safe and hygienic way. Daka ReFood collects and recycles food waste, used frying oil and frying fat. Tis is an important agenda, as all waste contains resources that we can (and must) utilize and recycle for the benefit of the environment. You food waste, frying oil and frying fat are recycled for green energy, organic fertilizer and biodiesel af Daka ReFood.

SARVAL stands for a full-service program with services ranging from the collection of animal raw materials from the meatprocessing food industry, cutting plants and butchers‘ shops through to hygienic and high-quality recycling. The specific characteristics of the fats and flours produced by SARVAL are geared entirely to the specifications of the customers: flours for use in the pet food sector are distinguished by their protein content.

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Daka ecoMotions produces sustainable biofuels from byproducts and organic waste. With a raw material base of animal fat and used cooking oil, Daka ecoMotion can produce one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable types of biodiesel currently on the market. By producing biodiesel of these rawmaterial the biodiesel reduces CO2 emissions by at least 85% when compared to fossil diesel.

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Bioceval processes and recycles by-products from the fishing industry in the production of fish oil and fishmeal.

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Konvex AB, collects byproducts at Swedish farms and slaughterhouses and processes them into the environmentally friendly biofuel Biomal, which replaces other fuels at Swedish combined heat and power plants.

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