Recruitment process

At Daka Denmark A/S we have a professional recruitment process where we continuously assess all applications. You have the opportunity to apply at any time, either by applying for one of our vacancies or by sending an unsolicited application.

In each vacancy you will have the opportunity to find the contact details of the hiring manager, who you are always welcome to contact for further information about the job.

If you are called for an interview, you will receive an invitation email with information on when to meet, the address to meet at, who to ask for on arrival and who will be attending the interview.

The job interview takes place in a spirit of mutual dialogue and good humour, and is typically conducted by the hiring manager, in collaboration with HR. In order to ensure that you can see yourself in the job at Daka Denmark A/S, during the interview we will talk about Daka as a company, our culture, job content, employment conditions and other relevant issues. In addition, we would like to get to know you and hear more about your skills and motivation for the job.

Candidates who are not considered after the first interview will be informed as soon as possible.

Candidates who are considered for the 2nd interview must complete a personality analysis and, in some cases, an aptitude test, which will be sent by HR and completed at home before the 2nd interview takes place.

At the 2nd interview, the candidate will receive a verbal feedback on the test results from HR – as well as the dialogue with the hiring manager. The test results are used as a complement to the rest of the recruitment process and will never stand alone in our assessment of candidates. The aim is to find the best match for the vacancy. We always take a minimum of one reference for new employees.

References are in addition to the 2nd interview.

Once we have decided who to offer the job to after the 2nd interview, the hiring manager will give a verbal rejection as soon as possible to the remaining candidates who have attended the 2nd interview.

All applicants who are not considered for an advertised position will receive a rejection letter by email once the recruitment process is completed.